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We reduce the financial and environmental cost of cleaning water. Helping the desalination and  industrial wastewater markets by using clean hydrogen to clean water instead of electricity from dirty fossil fuels. As a by-product, our solution also produces electricity, up to ~15 kWh per 1000 liters of water treated.

High Financial & Environmental Costs Incumbent water technologies require constant maintenance and consume expensive and polluting electricity at an approximate rate of a million kWh per day and 530 tons of CO2 per day for a large desalination plant 

Reduce Costs and Carbon Emissions Our solution will help industrial customers lower costs and pollution, protect water sources, and alleviate the burden facing billions of people around the planet suffering from shortages of electricity and clean water. The combined industrial wastewater and desalination markets will surpass $30 billion by 2025. If all the water used to refine petroleum in a small refinery, an industry which already uses large amounts of hydrogen, was treated using our product instead of reverse osmosis technology, the refinery could save $1.2M per year, meet regulatory demands, reduce air pollution, and generate electricity from a clean source.



Peer-reviewed publication

Patents, prototypes conceived at Technion


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Advisory Board Member - Unicorn CEO


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